Visit of political representatives

On the occasion of a public discussion on the topic “Little Red ridinghood and the wolf – the future of the rural area”, we had Martin Gassner-Herz, the FDP member of parliament (Bundestag) for the Ortenau district, and Klaus Hoher, the FDP member of the state parliament (Landtag), visited us in the sawmill on 12 April 2023. Also guests were representatives of the municipality, in the person of Deputy Mayor Günter Eble, as well as municipal forester Josef Nolle.

In addition to interesting and constructive discussions, which included the preservation of forestry, as well as the use of wood, there was also a company tour for our guests on the agenda, which aroused great interest among the visitors.

We thank the political representatives for their visit and are always looking forward to welcoming such a visit to us.