Slab timber:

  • Thickness 28mm
  • Fixed widths 80-160mm & wider goods 180mm+
  • Lengths 3-5m
  • Quality grades 0/I, 0/II, II/III


  • Construction timber and scaffolding planks cut rectangularly
  • Dimensions 30-60mm/220-280mm
  • Lengths 3-5m
  • Sorting grades GKl I/III, S10
  • Fitting and building compliance marking possible

Square timber for packaging:

  • all off-the-shelf dimensions
  • Custom dimensions on request
  • Lengths 4-5m
  • Drying and/or IPPC treatment possible


In our packaging assortment, we can offer you an important advantage!

Our square timber is cut from 100% heartwood. We can therefore guarantee even in times of drought and pest infestation as well as in sap-producing times that the goods are free from discolorations and blueness.



As a visual highlight, we offer benches made from one log as grown and sawn.

For an ideal experience, the benches have a cross section width of 45/45cm (of course, other widths are also available). The edges are beveled and the seating is planed. Length can be selected at your discretion.

Sitzbank / bench

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