Solid wood flooring

Echtle solid wood floorings are dried to a wood moisture degree of 10% (+/- 2%) in in-house dryig chambers. With proper storage and laying, this guarantees optimum quality without shape distortions appearing later on.

Solid wood flooring will adapt to room climate. This means it reacts to fluctuations in moisture by bulging and contracting. But at the same time, it also regulates air humidity in your room and creates a comfortable room climate.

Before bolting it down, the floor should be laid in the designated room for several days so it can acclimatize. This draws strains from the wood and minimizes shape contortions later on.

Echtle is offering two different product lines:

  • Echtle Long Flooring few knots 4-5m with tongue and groove alongside for room-width laying or
  • Echtle Short Flooring knotless 80-160cm with circumferential tongue and groove for endless laying

Our short floorings are always delivered in a sanded and ready-for-laying yet untreated state. Long floorings are also planed and ready for laying and can be sanded upon request.

  • Ecology

    By purchasing Echtle solid wood floorings, you are actively contributing to the preservation of the silver fir charateristic for the Black Forest as well as to near-natural forests in accordance with the location. Following the guiding principle “Conserving by using”, the motto of our close-to-nature forestry, the Echtle company as a local manufacturer is committed to the SILVER FIR FORUM.

    With a cutting share of 70% silver fir, Echtle contributes an important part to the task of rejuvenating our forests and to the buildup of future-oriented mixed forest with spruce, beech and fir. Moreover, thanks to our production facility’s location in the heart of the Black Forest and to regional marketing. short transportation routes and thus reduced environmental burdens are guaranteed. 

  • Product range

    We have compiled a range of Echtle solid wood floorings for you that covers all areas of application. Large or smaller areas, we always have a fitting solution. Both of our product lines are available in a variety of lengths and coverage widths. Here is a small overview:

    Long floorings:

    • Thickness 20 and 24mm
    • Coverage width 85, 110 and 135mm
    • Lengths (4.0, 4.5) 5.0m


    Short floorings:

    • Thickness 24mm
    • Coverage width 85, 110 and 135mm
    • Lengths 60 – 160cm

    Could not find the flooring you are looking for? We are also happy to provide you with customized solutions. Contact us and let us know what you need.

  • Laying

    Echtle Solid wood floorings are best laid onto a substructure made from head rails spaced some 50 cms apart.

    On the flat ground, a moisture barrier must first be laid, e.g. polyethylene foil. It is recommended to install the scantlings for footfall sound insulation floatingly atop stripes of fiber. The cavities between scantlings should be filled with fiber mats or a filling of appropriate material, e.g. cellulose fibers. The floorings will then be mounted onto the substructure with matching screws.

    The first row of flooring will be set in alignment and bolted vertically to the scantlings with the groove facing the wall. A minimum distance of 15mm to the wall must be observed, secured by wedges.

    The following rows of flooring will be bolted together concealed into the prepared cavities of the tongue (compare with image).

    The short ends of two flooring panels do not have to rest on the flooring sleepers. However, make sure that the next row’s short end is secured through a continuous flooring panel. Short ends should be glued, but make sure not to glue the panels in longitudinal direction.

    The last row of flooring panels will be bolted from above similar to the first one. Finally, the expansion gaps at the walls will be covered by baseboards. Done! This is a proven method for laying the floor that is however not suitable for all situations!

  • Care

    Echtle solid wood floorings have a natural finish and can thus be treated at your discretion later on. We recommend to oil-impregnate the floor’s surface or to treat it with an appropriate hard wax.

    Paints are less well suited. They can be easily mechanically damaged, they lose their shine and water can infiltrate. For later renovations, everything would have to be grinded and treated anew. Contrary to that, oiled and waxed surfaces are easy to care for, as only those spots need to be treated that are damaged or greyed.

  • Further information

    Please see our flyer summarizing the most important information on silver fir solid wood flooring.

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