Silver fir solid wood
and three-layer panels


Three-layer panel with circumferential groove


Now available:
  • Three-layer panel with circumferential groove
  • Dimensions 635x2970mm
  • Strength as required (recommended: 17 or 20mm)
  • Quality grades equal to standard panels
  • Invisible fixation with matching assembly system > Zero joint screw gripper (Früh Schnellbautechnik)

Solid wood panel

Echtle solid wood panels are made from pure silver fir wood, either from continuous or from finger-joint fins. Thanks to the processing of 100% rift-cut/ semi rift-cut goods, the boards acquire a plain, classy and straightforward appearance. Bonding is done with a nonhazardous D4 casein glue which does not cause effluvium, e.g. formaldehyde or similar. They find use in interior fittings, in commercial construction or in furniture manufacturing.

Our solid wood panels are available in standard dimensions of 20x1290x2970mm and in the following quality grades:

  • General specifications: fin breadth 73mm, available continuous or finger-jointed, thickness back and cover 5.5mm respectively, drying up to 10% (+/-2%) wood moisture, grind with abrasive grade 60
  • Quality I: free of branches and faults, 100% rift-cut /semi rift-cut, light to medium, fir-specific color tolerances, straight grained, without crude annual rings, no or only very light ribboning, back side with slight faults  (solid wood panel), in general plain appearance
  • Quality II: free of branches and faults, 100% rift-cut /semi rift-cut, light to medium, fir-specific color tolerances, partly crude annual rings, light to medium ribboning admissible, back side with slight faults (solid wood panel), in general lively appearance
  • Back stock (finger-jointed): usually free of branches, with faults, no claims on color, fiber course, annual ring breadth, closed surface

Three-layer panels

The front and back sides of Echtle three-layer panels are made from the same raw material as the solid wood panels with a thickness of 5.5mm. This means that the surfaces are identical to those of the solid wood panels. The non-visible middle layers are made from fir / spruce in industrial quality. All three layers are laminated with PU glue. Just like casein glue, PU glue hardens under the influence of moisture and does not emit hazardous vapors.  For that reason, our three-layer panels can be used unscrupulously in the commercial and residential areas.

The standard measures are 20x1290x2970mm and can be manufactured in the following finishes:


“V” stands for front side, “R” for back side. The quality grades I-III are equivalent to the solid wood panel qualities.

Further dimensions and quality combinations are available upon request.