Sawmills Echtle, Kübler, and Streit invest into the future

Sawmills Echtle, Kübler, and Streit invest into the future with a CLT plant with industrial-style production. The new company goes by the name HolzBauWerk Schwarzwald GmbH, registered and located in Seewald-Besenfeld (Freudenstadt district).

In the future, highly refined component made from lumber will be manufactured here. Cross-laminated timber or CLT is a cutting-edge timber work product that is multi-layered, completely solid and made from lumber. Thanks to its cross lamination, it is extremely dimensionally stable and is very well suited for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs.

In a first stage of expansion, the company plans the annual production of some 35,000 m² of cross-laminated timber made from local spruce and fir wood. In a second stage, a market-driven capacity increase will be possible.

The cross-laminated timber produced in Besenfeld can be highly refined according to customer demands on-site. State-of-the-art CNC joinery machines allow for the components to be configured completely. Various types of visual qualities will serve a broad market. At the same time, the company offers timber work planning support.

Production is scheduled to commence in the fall of 2022.