Company excursion 2023

On June 24, we had this year’s company excursion.

In good weather we first went by bus to Umkirch. Once there, there was a small refreshment for all employees before we had booked the indoor go-kart track for an hour and a half. In a total of three groups there were exciting races in which no one wanted to back down. After a cool drink and the evaluation of the race results, we went on by bus to Herbolzheim to the “KingPin”.

At the “KingPin” we had reserved four bowling lanes for two hours, where we could show off our “bowling talents”. With a lot of fun and a certain ambition, the one or the other “strike” could be applauded.

After the bowling, an extensive barbecue buffet was waiting for us at the end of the company excursion, before the return trip to Nordrach was on the plan.

The employees were enthusiastic about the all-round successful company excursion.